Thursday, December 30, 2010

about a tree

Both Johan and I have grown so fond of our Christmas tree, neither of us really wanting to let it go. Yet, we know all good things must come to and end (who came up with that idiom by the way? what a pisser!), which beckons the question: How long can we keep it without coming across as weird?

I remember discussing this with my mother a couple of decades ago, where I told her that I seemed to remember that we had once kept our Christmas tree til Easter. As far as I recall, she dismissed my recollection with a brusque laugh, which, in hindsight makes sense, except at the time, I must have had such poor judgment of time, cos the things is, I really do have fond memories of keeping that tree all through the dark winter months. 

Anyways, who's up for hanging on to Christmas trees as houseplants?


Lisa Kjellerød said...

I'm up for keeping xmas trees as house plants! Just take of the Christmas decorations and decorate with other stuff! (chicks at Easter time etc!)

Sarah Carlson said...

I caved in yesterday and got rid of it:O( It had started looking gray and I deemed that even little chicks wouldn't do the trick.

So next year: Plastic;O)