Sunday, December 19, 2010

Can I just say...

...that I don't know what the heck is up with my blog? The colors and fonts on the sidebar are all wrong - turned all wrong out of the blue - and even though I've tried to change it back, it just stays all wrong. I seriously don't get it, and although I'm not the fussiest of bloggers, the design annoys me! So much that I've stayed out of here for several days in a row.

On a more positive note, I can inform you that I feel so fortunate to have made it back to Copenhagen in time for Christmas. Johan (of London) and I flew back on Friday night only a few hours delayed and on Saturday morning it seems all hell broke loose in the shape and form of snowflakes and now thousands!, hundreds of thousands!, millions! must spend Christmas alone in the airport terminals of Europe eating pre-made sandwiches and drinking tax free perfume.

I really, really hope they make it home.

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