Thursday, December 2, 2010

it made me sick

About two minutes after publishing my post on Tuesday morning, I said to Johan: "Hey, I'm feeling a bit queasy too..."
Two minutes after that, I found myself sitting on the couch emptying my stomach of my morning coffee and what I presume to be yesterday's late night snack of chocolate-mint wafers.
Two minutes after that, Johan was in the bathroom, head in the loo, hurling his insides out too.

Yes sirree, we've been down and out with some kind of stomach flu for the past couple of days, and given the fact that the course and development of our symptoms have been more or less been in lockstep with one another, I'm presuming we've been infected by the same source.

Which may be some fresh basil leaves that Johan failed to wash before adding it to our pasta on Monday night. Or some romaine lettuce I failed to wash enough on the same evening. Or perhaps the saliva of some sheep we hand-fed while in Sweden this weekend? Or hey, perhaps this soup dipper used for serving mulled wine at a communal table, also in Sweden? Now I remember that I was the one who served the mulled wine into the cups. After which I may have licked my hands (as I tend to do). And then, maybe, I kissed Johan, with my deadly, norovirussed lips?

As you can tell, I'm eager to get to the bottom of this.

But back to my vomiting, which was actually a big deal, as it was the first time I've vomited in ten years.

Yes, you read it right. TEN YEARS.

Believe you me, there may have been times when vomiting would have done me good and relieved me faster of my maladies, but because I suffer from a severe case of (self-diagnosed) Emetophobia (also known as fear of vomiting), I always do my outmost to keep the contents of my stomach put.
Danger, Danger sign via here.

Anyway, if it weren't for the fact that watching other people vomit is downright nauseating, I wish you could have seen me, cos it must have been downright hilarious to observe how much I panicked. First of all, I couldn't force myself to step into the bathroom and face the toilet, as that would just have served as a psychological acknowledgment of me actually having to throw up. Instead I sat there in the living room, hyperventilating and hypersalivating, shaking and semi-crying until Johan fetched me a bucket of sorts which I stared into while chanting: "Something is wrong! Something is wrong!"

And then I vomited. And although I guess it wasn't that bad, I can inform you that I plan to refrain from doing so for at least another decade. God, I hate loosing control that way.
Photo of Ugo Rondinone's installation via here.

Good news is that 48 hours into the outbreak we're feeling much better. Still a tad nauseous and tired, but according to Wikipedia, Norwalk disease usually lasts between 24-60 hours, so I'm guessing by early evening at the latest we should feel fine and dandy again!


mette / ungt blod said...

god bedring!! -og jeg håber du har set 13. episode af 5. sæson af Seinfeld!

Sarah Carlson said...

Tak Mette!

Jeg måtte google, men nu er jeg med: et 14 år langt "non-vomit streak" Hehe:O)

Der må findes et klip på youtube! Jeg leder....