Friday, December 10, 2010

"my Marie Angelettis"

When Marie left New York, she gave me two beautiful photographs - one 'signature' Marie of an empty Midtown lobby, and one from our trip to the Las Vegas dessert. The latter, the one in black and white initially looks as if it's all landscape, but if you look close you can see there's a lady in it shooting a picture of her two kids.

Needless to say, I was thrilled when she gave me these photographs, and at some point, after she had left, she vented her disdain via email that I still hadn't framed them and mounted them on my wall. She could tell from pictures of my home on my blog, you see. The heartbreaking truth was however, that I simply couldn't find any frames beautiful enough for them. Really, it's the truth.

When I moved in at Johan's place I finally just decided to go to IKEA and get some temporary frames for them until I'd find the right ones. Except, when I did bring some simple black ones home, I realized the format would be all wrong and that I certainly didn't want a passe-partout for them either.
On a side-note, you might find it interesting to know, that the French don't call a passe-partout a passe-partout, but rather a Marie wait. I just googled to verify my claim, and here's what I found:

Une Marie Louise: c'est une baguette spéciale destinée à créer du relief dans l'encadrement d'une toile. Elle se situe entre la toile et la ceinture extérieure. La Marie Louise n'a donc rien à voir avec le passe partout avec lequel elle est régulièrement confondue.

Seeing I had French in high school and all, I can inform you that a passe-partout is indeed a passe-partout and although a Marie Louise is often confused with a passe-partout, they are, in fact two different things. Whereas a passe partout makes it fit all around a Marie Louise is more of an old-fashioned thing that adds a relief to the framing. Like on this diploma here.  

Anyhow, a couple of weeks ago I finally found the perfect frames in the form and shape of some seriously guilded and heavy mother fuckers, and since then the photographs have been hanging over the couch bringing me pleasure every single time I look at them.

And what's more. When people who know Marie enters the room and sees them, they immediately identify them as hers. The other day my dad stood and contemplated them and after a while he said somewhat seriously: "Will you please tell her that I like them very much!"

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