Thursday, December 30, 2010

My night in pictures. A moment of reflection.

1. We've just worked our way through the first season of Big Love, and after the ending of each episode I look Johan straight in the eye and ask him: "So, are you gonna take a second wife now? Are you? Huh? Answer me!!! Cos if you do, you can be certain I'll be havin' a little something on the side myself. Yes sirree. And we ain't talking no sista. Nor sir. I'll be having me some mens"

Of course I'm only joking, ha ha.

2. I made pizza for dinner and it was good. It had salami on it which I also enjoyed despite the fact that I usually make a point out of never eating anything sausage-y.

3. Have I told you I take pilates classes? Cos I do! Right from the comfort of my own home. I started taking Bonnies pilates class on youtube, except I got so sick of everyone there, always wearing the same, on their mats in the exact same spot. So I started doing them on my own sans Bonnie, and instead I have Johan or the neighbors watch.

And then, when I'm done, I take a good deep breath and say what Bonnie always says: "We did it, we totally worked our buns!" It's good to cheer yourself.

4. Dapper fella. Straight out of Danielle Steel mini-series, right?

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