Thursday, December 9, 2010

never again

Yesterday, I decided to cook borscht, and I swear I'll never do that again. It looked gorgeous and drenched in sour cream and parmesan cheese I guess it was somewhat edible, but still, it's a dish I won't ever feel the need to cook nor eat again.

The funny thing is though that I really feel an appetite these days to cook things with ingredients that feel less intuitive, if you get my drift. Different spices and such. So far that idea hasn't fared that well though.

I'm planning to cook pierogies some time soon, and if that turns out stomach turning as well, then I'm done with the Eastern European cuisine. You hear? I'll be done with it!

Unless you have some other recipes of course? Some with not too much boiled out kale?


Heidi Svømmekjær said...

Don't quite understand the stomach turning part - what was so bad about it? Anyway, I'm going to put my reputation on the line and give you a link to a beet root soup, that I love making. And as a special thanks for the fantastic Christmas hamper, I'm going to throw in a trick against pink beet fingers: Before peeling the little bastards, make sure you rub your hands, wooden soup spoon and carving board with sunflower seed oil or any similarly taste-neutral oil. And if this sounds very mumsy of me or if I've already told you the trick, feel free to pull my hair some time.
Anyway, here goes the recipe:

Sarah Carlson said...

Men det var fordi jeg puttede for meget salt i. Og så prøvede jeg at rette op på skaden ved at putte en masse sukker i. Og så blev den bare for meget af det hele. Så meget at jeg faktisk kan blive lidt kvalm ved tanken om den. Men jeg kan godt se det jo handler mere om min fejl end rødbedens.

OK, men så prøver jeg igen. MED smags-neutral olie!