Wednesday, December 8, 2010

what was for dinner

Smoked trout with lemon-ginger-mint dressing. Roasted cauliflower salad with apples, romaine lettuce, dried fruit, sauteed onions and, hold on to your horses now, coriander seeds. Admittedly a peculiar combo, but it turned out kind of interesting. Also, we had some oven-roasted potatoes we dropped on the floor.

For a moment Johan and I stood there, each of us silently contemplating if we should just east them anyhow, but alas, we decided to re-roast them after reminding ourselves that Johan's friend Heidi had just recounted how she once fell sick after eating a cinnamon danish she dropped on the floor of her kitchen. 

Anyway, if ever in doubt about whether or not it's OK to eat what you just dropped, you can always follow this guide that my lovely Maj sent me. Print it out why don't you, and smack in on the fridge, cos I promise you it will come in useful before you know it.

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