Tuesday, January 25, 2011

absence. unintended.

 So, apparently I forgot all about blogging since, uhm, Friday?!

It's funny how you sometimes wind up going from over-sharing to not feeling like sharing at all. I guess there's some logic to it, but still.

Anyway, I went to an amazing museum in Copenhagen this weekend called Glyptoteket. Kind of like the Met only it's something like a fraction of its size. In its center it has this most beautiful glass atrium and despite the fact that it was filled with visitors (Sundays are free!) it's really one of the most serene places to sit.  And just be.

Plus, they have palm trees, and I for one, think palm trees are awesome!

Otherwise, I've been preoccupied with Mr. Schwarzenegger. Here he is before I glued his paper replicas to a large sheet of paper.

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