Saturday, January 15, 2011


According to Wikipedia, the English word for what you see here in the making is chocolate-covered marshmallow treats, which in my opinion is a bit misleading as the marshmallow-y bit on the inside isn't chewy but more fluffy, yet not fluffy like marshmallow fluff, but rather fluffy like a sugary and dense whipped cream meeting unbaked meringue.

But who cares, point is that yesterday evening Johan, I, Johan's friend Bue and this city's prime chocolatier and confiseur Heidi, made them from scratch! We flavored one batch with freeze-dried raspberries, one with licorice, and one with honey and vanilla. Some we made with a waffle-base and others with a chocolate-covered marcipan one.

Judging from the photos it looks as if it was one harmonious soirée, but truth is we had moments of chaos too. Our first obstacle turned out to be a lack of enough egg whites, which I had to run to the store and get just before closing. Then Johan burnt his pot roast (or so we thought, it actually turned out delish!). And finally we had a power failure just as the sugar-sirupy concoction was approaching the right temperature needed.
Johan by the circuit breaker.

But hey, in the end: YUM!


Lisa Kjellerød said...

These look amazing! You are very adventurous with your cooking/baking choices! Wish I was, I stick to safe,easy recipes but you always push the boat out!

Anne said...

Ojøjøj, de ser satme lækre ud! Kan man nå at smage? Bringer du ud? Man fornemmer koncentrationen og en næsten ceremoniel (som i højtidelig) stemning!? :o)

Sarah Carlson said...

Lisa, I wish I could take credit for making these, but truth be told I was more of a little helper and not so much the one making it all come together. And for the record, I too stick to the safe and easy recipes 9 out of ten times. Often they yield the tastiest result anyway:O)

Anne, de er dæleme væk! Ikke at jeg har spist dem (far har!), eftersom både Johan og jeg opdagede at vi ikke er de store hjemmelavede-flødebolle entusiaster. Men nææh, hvor var de skægge at lave:O)