Saturday, January 8, 2011

best bedroom ever!

Today has been a productive Saturday at our household: Right after breakfast, Johan and I decided to remove our bed from one side of the sleeping loft to the other in an attempt to escape the noise of the building's ventilation system, which has suddenly taken to keep us awake at night.

And boy did we make the best of that situation, cos look at this really cozy sleeping section we've made for ourselves! We even managed to construct a king size bed by piecing together various mattresses like Lego pieces! And pillows! I've sown pillowcases today too! Huge ones, big! You see them in the back there serving as a headboard:O)

The sole downside to all this creativeness is that by moving "the bedroom" we are increasing the risk of falling down through the gap in the floor - something I know my parents find deeply worrisome.

But then again, look how massive that bed is! I mean, you can practically live there! I, for one, am planning on breakfasting in bed tomorrow morning. On Monday too.

Oh, and one more thing, don't you love these boys that I framed and hung on the wall? I got the photo in a London flea market for one single little pound.
But before I get into bed and count my blessings, can I just tell you how lucky I feel for getting to stay in this wonderful apartment? Because I really really do.

And pssst! The neat black Swatch in the second to last photo was a Christmas gift from my best buddy Johan:O) Now I can alternate between a classy black and the neon-colored one I've had since I was nine.


Lisa Kjellerød said...

Ooooh, your bedroom is so cozy! (veldig koselig!) But Im with your mum and dad and think you need to be very careful you dont fall out of bed (esp when drunk!!)

Sarah Carlson said...

Hey, listen to you pulling off Norwegian!

Oh and I know, that gap is dangerous. I will make a note to remind myself to sleep downstairs on the couch when tipsy:O)