Sunday, January 9, 2011

a day of cleaning and sewage

We decided to go with the organizing flow and move on to the walk-in closet today for some serious tidying up. But by the time we had finished and had embarked on a trip down to the basement, our arms filled with stuff to store, what did we find down there but a major sewage leak. Yuck.  Triple yuck. Nasty.

It's funny how in situations like this, every building has their dad. You know, the guy everyone turns to whenever something's up, and you don't know how to deal, who to call, etc. Fortunately this building's father figure was at home and quickly moved to everyone's rescue.

Johan, on the other hand, is this building's son. The guy you ask if you need something done in a jiffy or something that involves peril or if something heavy needs to be moved. "Say, son, why don't you climb up on that ladder and slap on a little tar on that woodwork up there"


Lisa Kjellerød said...

Im very impressed with all your hard work this weekend. You have inspired me!

Sarah Carlson said...

Why thank you!