Monday, January 3, 2011

For all of you who's got a bad case of the Januaries and/or homosexuality: "It gets better"

Since new years I've spent the better part of my days and nights in a semi-lethargic state like the two little fellas below. I've been out and all, jogged, cooked, baked, even socialized and stuff (read: watched TV with friends) cos sun has been shining here in Copenhagen-city and snow has been melting. Yet I always feel a bit overwhelmed at the beginning of a new year. Like January is just one long nasty Monday. Know what I mean?

Soooo while everyone else in the land of blogs have used their space on the internet to make wows for the new year and list things that made them happy in 2010, I'll be doing no such healthy things. Instead I'll show you pics of my New Years Eve dinner, which I cooked and ate with the two best Johans in the entire world.

So here goes:

We had scallops with radicchio salad and mint-parsley-red-onion vinaigrette as an appetizer.

As our second appetizer we had bresaola carpaccio with arugula.

And then, as our entré, we had saltimbocca with oven-baked zucchini and hash browns.

For desert we had a very repulsive looking (and only moderately tasteful) white chocolate lemon zest panna cotta with passion fruit pulp (see, way too much going on right?), which I decided not to photograph. In fact, I don't plan to cook with gelatine ever again.

On a less calorie-filled note, our evening was blessed with the company of people who came and went throughout the evening, or, as in the case of Maj, came late after work, drank and fell asleep cuddled up next to Johan:O) The single most embarrassing moment of the evening was when snazzy Lasse (I imagine this rhymes in English?) arrived and caught us watching TV fireworks from the couch.

"Quick, quick!" I wailed to the others while he made it up the stairs to our apartment. "Let's make it seem as if we're really partying when he comes through the door!"

But alas. We didn't have the stamina to get up from our horizontal positions and properly pretend.

But we did eventually go out and crash a party. For realz we did! Got drunk and stuff! 

Anyway, readers, thanks for hanging in there with me for however long you been hanging in here with me. I promise that come February, this blog, like being gay, will get better. Remember, January too, shall pass.

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