Monday, January 17, 2011

A good things about blogs... that you can use it as an external hard drive of sorts and keep a pictorial archive of all the things you suspect your mind won't be able to able to contain and maintain.

So here are pics from a Nicolas Provost show that I saw at Haunch of Venison in London, and which I'd really like for myself to remember and think about some more some day when I have thoughts to spare on the matter.

It's on till January 29 2011 if you feel like going. If not, you can see it all on Provost's site. I was particularly fond of Storyteller, but then again I'm a sucker for symmetry. The first pic is from Gravity and I suppose a piece one shouldn't watch if one is prone to having epileptic seizures - seriously. The top one is from Stardust (I think...) and had cameos by Jack Nicholson, Jon Voight and Dennis Hopper - apparently the last footage recorded of the latter.

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