Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I once conversed with Calvin Klein. Kind of.

In many ways, I hate re-blogging other people's web-content, because it just makes me feel like a leech sponging off other people's hard earned cred. But then there are moments where I'm willing to ignore that stance, go with my gut-feeling and shamelessly re-post a snazzy comment because it's just too darn funny!
It's Michael Musto of the Village Voice who has this message for Calvin Klein, and namely with regard to his romantic involvement with boy toy Nick Gruber: "Get a grip on yourself, girl, and nail some dignity to the floor before this kid steals it all away from you."

Oh, that makes me laugh!

(Read more here: Jezebel)
Did I ever tell you I once attended a talk by Calvin Klein back when I was a studious kid at NYU? I didn't? It was supposed to be on "race, class and gender" (bet you haven't heard that combo before!!!), but all I seem to remember is that it was pretty much just Calvin Klein talking gingerly about his ads and showing us PowerPoint presentations of various magazine spreads.

"Here you see an underage Brooke Shields. Pretty right?"
Anyway, at some point I gathered courage to question him on something like the role of the retailer in this very perfect and neatly conceptualized "Calvin Klein mediascape" that he kept building up before our very eyes. I probably didn't say anything very smart, but you know, I was like: "Dude, your shit is hanging on plastic hangers all over this city's discount retailers, next to last year's Ann Taylor, and there ain't NOTHING sexually transgressive about it!" At least that was the message I was trying to get across although of course I put it nice.
I don't remember what he answered, though. In fact, he may very well just have pursed his lips in reply. 
Dignity above all.

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