Wednesday, January 26, 2011


For a while I've been mystified by the letter J. Uppercase J.

Just overall mystified, you wonder? No, mystified when I come across in a specific context. In e-mailing, to be precise.

Sometimes, at the end of a convivial message, there it sits: J  --- and I'm like: "J? J what? Jay? Yay?" Then I try looking at my screen from other directions, thinking that maybe, if I see it from the side or from above, then it will make sense.

But it still just looks like a J.
Image via here.

Today I finally got my act together and researched it (read: googled) and it turns out it's supposed to be a smiley face:

"Microsoft uses a Wingding to render a smily in Outlook. The Wingding happyface happens to be at the same position as a J in the standard ASCII sets. So, on all clients other than Outlook, it renders as an out-of-place looking J."

Read more here.

I admit I'm slow with these things and also spent forever trying to decipher what " <3 " meant. But still, did you know this?


Anne said...

He he, ja. Anders blev ved med at sende J'er når han skrev fra sin arbejdsmail - hvad fanden har du gang i med alle de J'er spurgte jeg så? Ahh, du smiler bare :o)
Glæder os til at se jer på fredag!

Sarah Carlson said...

Men det er lidt sært der ikke er nogen der har gået ind og fikset den binær kode eller hvad det nu præcis må være. Det kan da ikke være så svært. Det er sikkert bare et lille et-tal, der mangler et sted;OP