Friday, January 21, 2011

midwifery or no?

I've been having a bit of a career crisis lately (hence all the talk of my resume yesterday), and have been trying to push myself to think outside my arts/culture/communication box, which, interestingly left me thinking to myself, hey, how about becoming a midwife?   
Photo via here.
The thing is that the older I get, the more I feel disillusioned with 'the game' of various fields and industries, and the more I seem to admire my friend who's a doctor and who's actually going to spend her professional life being there for people when they need it most.

When I started studying Art History at University back in 2002, there was a Swedish fella, who was a doctor and, as far as I recall, was actually working as a doctor, and on top of all that he had decided, in his mid-thirties, to go back to school to study the arts. And so, lately, I've been thinking, if he could do it, then I guess doing it the other way around would be totally legit too.

Problem is, however, I'm a total hypochondriac and extremely susceptible to tragedy, and going through Med school and reading about diseases and going into hospital rooms to check in on people who are ill, would leave me a wreck. Like really. I mean, I can't even watch ER or Gray's Anatomy. Which is also why I'm so full of admiration of the nurses and doctors and whatever other personnel you have in hospitals, who can spend such a significant amount of their day being there in all those nasty situations which most of us would run away from screaming and crying.
Photo via Flickr - did you have this one too growing up?

And so I started thinking 'midwife', reasoning that if I could minimize the stuff that revolves around pathology and focus primarily on happy stuff  - cause hey, babies are mostly considered happy stuff! - then maybe it could all work out. I threw it by my friend Maj, who said sure, looked at her watch, and then offered to take me right down to the city's Medical History Museum and check out fetuses in formaldehyde.  "Hey, easy", I said. 
Indiana Medical History Museum Auditorium via Wikipedia.

Oh, who am I kidding. I should probably realize it's not really what I'm looking for and that you can be there for people in a multitude of other ways. Because reality is that sooner or later I'll wind up helping a lady delivering a stillborn (or would I? Because I have a feeling they call a doctor in when shit really hits the fan), and then off to the psych ward I go because I'll find it just too tragic to be able to deal. And in a way, I have a feeling that if you're in medical care, you actually need to learn not to deal. You've gotta be a non-stick pan, as my mother and grandmother tend to say.

Anyway, I wound up reading about Heather Armstong this morning, founder of dooce, and according to Forbes Magazine one of the top 25 web celebrities, one of the top 30 most influential women in media, and, hold on to your horses now, she has 1,56 million followers on Twitter. All those crazy merits wasn't really what got me hooked though, rather it was the way she describes her days with her work and her kids and her dogs and husband, sometimes not getting out of her jammies but at the same time leading a quite professional life to say the least. And I thought, aweeee, that just sounds so overwhelmingly comforting and nice and interesting. Heck, she even makes growing up Mormon and having a postpartum depression and throwing milk in your husbands face sound kind of endearing!

So how's that for a long term goal? I should probably start getting more into social media though right about...let me just have a look at my Off to twitter I go!


mette / ungt blod said...

så hvor er linket til din twitter? :) Hilsen en kæmpe hypokonder (hvis man vil tages mere seriøst, men også lyde mere crazy, kan man kalde det 'sygdomsangst') som elsker ER

Sarah Carlson said...

Åh, pludselig vidste jeg slet ikke hvad jeg så skulle skrive der! Og heller ikke rigtig hvem jeg ville tweete til...så måske jeg bare skulle lægge ud med at at studere de gode tweetere. Og lære lidt. Hmm. Jeg skal da forresten kigge på din:O)

"Sygdomsangst" - jeg kan lide det. Den er jeg med på. "Hypokonder" bruges jo alligevel bare i flæng og alt for ofte efter "total".