Thursday, January 6, 2011

spice trade

So did I tell you that I started cooking Indian food? Cos I did, and so far I've succeeded in cooking a really decent tasting Chicken Tikka Masala, and this evening, a very satisfying Mulligatawny soup!

I based the later on this recipe, although I have to admit I made mine far more simple and added a) more veggies, b) yogurt instead of coconut milk, c) no chickpeas as I had none, and d) rice, as this is what my friend Anne - who cooks THE meanest Mulligatawny - always does.

Although I'm certain quite a bunch of Indian housewives would beg do disagree, I'd say that getting into the Indian cuisine seems mostly about getting the spices right, because once you've got the various combinations down, there's really no need to worry too much about the rest of the ingredients. Anything you whack into your pot will taste of the spice combination anyways, right? But like I said, I'm sure many would like, cough cough, to have a say about this.

Oh, and for dessert, I had this scrumptious thing: Hot chocolate with vanilla ice cream, which was almost as good as espresso with vanilla ice cream. But I mean, who can drink caffeinated drinks this time of night? Who? Not me, that's for sure.

Oh, did I ever tell you about the time I had a deconstructed Tiramisu? At Falai? No? Well, it was deee-licious! The mascarpone-y bit was one one side of the plate, a crunchy chocolatey-biscuitey crumble was on another, and then the waiter poured a freshly brewed espresso over the whole thing. Was there some alcohol involved too? I can't remember. But friends, it was good, that's what I recall.

Anyway, next up is dal.

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