Saturday, February 26, 2011

Baby's Day Out

My friend Anne and I went to Malmö, Sweden, the other day, which turned out to be her 8-month-old baby Alma's first trip abroad:O)

Whenever I get to spend time with a baby out there in public space, I'm always (or often at least) so pleasantly surprised by the extent to which people around you communicate their good will towards that bright new specimen of the human species that you're either wheeling or carrying around town. Everyone so attentive and smiling. I think I choose to believe that when those of us who have been around for a while smile and wave hello to a baby, we're actually saying "welcome." And "how lovely that you've joined us."
Photo via here.
I guess it's exactly the same that happens when you see a puppy in the street, and it just feels like a sin if you don't stop to say hello and speak to it for a little bit? Only difference is, of course, that it's a tad transgressive to stop and pet a stranger's baby. So a smile has to do.

P.S. Those big, gorgeous prints or photographs (or whatever they were) are by Walead Beshty in view at Malmö Konstall till May 1st.

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