Friday, February 18, 2011

dinner with dishes

The other night when I spoke to my grandmother, she asked me what we were having for dinner (my gran and I speak a lot about food and recipes, you see) and when I told her that Johan was in the midst of cooking up a Pasta Carbonara and raddichio salad, she said: "Take a picture will you? So I can look at in the morning?"
In the dark of the evening, the pic admittedly didn't turn out all that nice, and so I thought I'd complement it with a photo of our dishes and add to that these are the dishes left for that ONE SINGLE meal. I don't know how we always manage to use so much cookware when cooking such simple things, yet every evening this is pretty much the mountain of bowls and frying pans left over to deal with after having filled up our tummies.
And seeing that we, as so many other households, have as our general yet unwritten rule, that whoever cooks dinner gets to kick back and relax while the other one does the dishes, I bet you can see why cooking is the job we fight each other to take.

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