Friday, February 18, 2011

he's the highest paid lover in Beverly Hills

I watched American Gigolo last night, which I hadn't done in a good long while, and boy am I happy that I did, because I was reminded how breathtaking the cinematography of that film is - every single image and framing just razor sharp!

But goodness is it toe-cringingly cheesy too! All its beauty aside, I couldn't help but sit there and snicker and occasionally cover my eyes because Richard Gere in the character of Julian Kaye says such awkward things and moves and walks with a swagger you simply can't take seriously.
On another note, it struck me how much it oozes and revolves around sex and erotica despite the fact that you see very little, erm, 'action' of that nature. Sure, there's that scene where you see Gere's willy, and sure you see two handfuls of tits every now and then, but by the end of the movie, you realize it has mostly been talk about that dirty deed and not much doin' it. Yet still, you feel so dirty for having watched it! 
And Lauren Hutton. Heavy sigh. How dare thee be that gorgeous? I think she's just the right blend of a classic and a quirky beauty.
And that sweater. Can I please have that sweater?
And those legs that go on forever? And that red Bottega Veneta clutch? Actually, I also want a shoulder length bob now.   
All images borrowed from I Love Hot Dogs

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