Friday, February 4, 2011

I feel bad about my neck

For more then three days and nights in a row, I've had a headache.

So what am I complaining about my neck for, you wonder? Well, I have a feeling it's because I have a neck strain, and after having visited (and about a million other semi/pseudo medical sites) I've learned that such things can result in prolonged headaches. Not necessarily throbbing, painful ones. Just the kind that constantly lets you know it's there and prevents you from going about your daily doings in a remotely productive way.

Of course, being the neurotic that I am, I've imagined about a dozen other much more horrible things that could be the source of my headache, but in order to keep my sanity, I'm rooting for the neck strain thing. Plus, I really do feel bad about my neck. It does feel strained.

Anyway, while browsing around on the internets in pursuit of a diagnosis, I also came across a letter exchange between a doctor and a patient, the latter a poor lass who had suffered from a headache for several moths. The MRI scan didn't indicate anything wrong, and then, after having her neck x-rayed it turned out that she had some muscle-neck-nerve issue. So she mentions to the doctor that pain-killers wont do the trick and the doctor answers something like this: Helloooo, if you had a stone in your shoe you wouldn't take an aspirin to kill the pain would you? You'd remove the stone. Same with the headache. It's mechanical.

Truth be told, I think I may have mixed up two different internet narratives here, but the point is, I think it's a very useful distinction. There are two kinds of headaches: mechanically induced ones, and non-mechanically induced ones.

Images of Gemina, the late crooked-necked giraffe of the Santa Barbara Zoo, via here and here. She died at age 21 of natural causes, and not, you know, from the crooked neck.

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