Monday, February 7, 2011

Installation Shot

This one comes courtesy of my petite Marie - it's from her most recent show at the RCA, and I'm quite dumbfounded by the extent to which her work has changed and developed since she left New York. I really enjoy that every time I look at her site, I find new photos of subject matter I wouldn't quite have expected or anticipated, which, to me, is a thrill, as so much fine art photography is so predictable. You know, scrawny teens and foul middle class interiors galore, and never without a fashion-y undertone or ironic detachment. Very little sincerity.
And speaking of sincerity, don't you adore this photo Marie shot of her sister? I do. This is admittedly one of her older shots (if something from 2009 can count as 'older' that is), but it really captivates me. Beautiful and serene and utterly disconcerting at the same time, if you ask me.
Be sure to check out her most recent work at her website and some of her older work now up on Tiny Vices.

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