Saturday, February 19, 2011

Name the car?

This car quiz is intended and designed for Johan the car afficionado, who purports to know everything there is to know about the kind of cars he believes to be worth having (i.e. expensive European cars).

The deal? I post a photo of a detail of a car, and then Johan guesses which one it is. If possible, he provides some details on it too. Stuff about cylinders and fenders and things like that.

That's not to say you can't comment too in case you know which car it is! Because if you're car savvy, please join in on the game:O)

EDIT. Ok, so apparently the detail from this 1954 Kaiser Darrin was a bit too tricky for Johan to recognize, but then again how could I not choose a rare American car after he had just informed me it wasn't exactly his strong point? 
Photo via here.
Anyway, how about this one?


Johan said...

fedt nok, at du lægger ud med noget, jeg ikke aner hvad er. Jeg håber det er en prototype...

Sarah Carlson said...

OK, prøv nu så!

Johan said...

nem MG A