Sunday, February 6, 2011

New York in August

I spoke to Al last night who was surprised to hear that I had seen on Lyne's blog that he's continuing his work on the house altar.

We chatted about everything and nothing as my granny used to say, and he told me he got a boat from someone and that if he's done repairing it by the time I come in August, he'll take me for a ride.

I told him that would be nice, but that I'd be just as happy to sit on the stoop and chat for an entire afternoon.

Brooklyn stoop image via 92Y.

Right now, I honestly can't imagine anything better than sitting outside the building on the hot concrete, chatting with Al, sweating, and feeling dizzy from the heat while drinking an iced Americano from a straw.

Al will be drinking Tropicana juice, Arizona ice tea or or an energy drink, depending on his work load ahead.

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