Saturday, February 19, 2011

Sunny and Overexposed

Happy Saturday folks!

It's a sunny morning here in Copenhagen city. Freezing cold, but sunny! Blue skies abound, trees abloom (if you count the ones you have inside sitting in a vase) and people lining up to get coffee in the shop downstairs. The whole taste-of-spring shabang!
This entire week I've been jabbering on about the NY weather forecast, as it was in the low 60s/16 C there yesterday!!! I think three exclamation are in place here, cos if there's one thing I'm missing these days, then it's knowing that spring is just around the corner. Because, let's face it, it ain't coming to Northern Europe anytime soon, whereas in New York, come March, I know from experience I'd be dining out. As in outside. And not even bundled up, mind you!
But hey there Miss Carlson, let's keep our eyes on the bright side, and enjoy the fact that the sun is streaming through the windows this morning, turning your old Swatch on the windowsill beautifully translucent and everything else look overexposed.
Yours truly was actually supposed to go on an overnight trip today to visit Johan's gran, but alas, I'm staying home as I have a really exciting work assignment due on Monday! Speaking of which, if I should be so lucky that one of my readers knows loads on cloud computing, do you think you could drop me a line?


Johan said...

Og Matchbox bilerne er to Porsche 928'ere. Total yndlingsbil

Sarah Carlson said...

Jeg skriver lige bag mit øre, at hvis jeg vil have dig til at kommentere på min blog lidt oftere, så skal der flere legetøjsbiler på.

Hey, det slår mig lige, vi skal da have gang i den der quizzzzz! Du ved, med detaljer af biler og så gætter du!

Johan said...

bring it on!