Sunday, February 6, 2011

Two things to make you feel better

1) An image of two hamsters. Johan the libertine (that's what I'll be calling my man in London from now on, I think) sent it to me saying that Ingrid had once upon a time sent it to him. I love how all of Johan's ladyfriends send him funny images and videos of animals. Perhaps because we all know he'll appreciate little things like "the way the tissue of the mouth on the left hamster is just stretched to the breaking point in an attempt to fit that strawberry in there".

As my friend Anne once observed, Johan is always ready to share an enthusiastic commentary on anything.
2) Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory cream! I put it all over my neck and it's really doing wonders. Plus, its somewhat peculiar scent sent me on a good long trip down memory lane. It totally reminded me of the scent of this lotion called Idomin, which they sell to this day in Sweden. And you wanna know something else? I compared the ingredients, and it turns out that Idomin contains bergamot oil, and my pain-killer cream contains orange oil.

Guess that just proves I have superb sensory cells in my nose and that they're superbly connected to my memory, which is also quite superb.

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