Sunday, February 13, 2011


Hello dear readers and forgiveth me for my absence! Since Friday morning I've been to headache city and back again. And forth and back. And forth and back. In fact I've been back and forth so many times I've just about lost count.

Plus, I've been feeling hyper-sensitive to light, rendering the company of my otherwise beloved laptop utterly uncomfortable. In other words, the allure of blogging has been slime to gone.

Upside to all of this gloom is that:

1) I got to wear my solar shields around town when I went grocery shopping this afternoon. And I love wearing shades because they make me feel cool.
2) I got treated to Johan's yummy roasted chicken on Friday night. His trick? He makes this chopped up mix of prosciutto, lemon and lemon rind, thyme, butter and a touch of s and p - and then he stuffs it right in under the skin of the chick - BAM!!! (Did you pick up on my Emeril Lagasse reference?!) In any case, that chicken is soooo good!
3) I got to clean and redecorate! "With a headache?", you wonder? Well, not really. I felt kind of good for a couple of hours during Saturday afternoon, and before we knew it, both Johan and I had caught the cleaning bug and wound up washing the floors and moving furniture up and down the stairs. Actually, I tend to get that way if I've spent a little too much time in my PJ's - I mean, as one tends to do when you get a headache that completely debilitates you. It felt good to actually do something, but of course it just made the headache come back at full force. But, conferring the point of this post, the upside is this new office area! Pretty cute no? It's all Johan's doing actually. Photo included:O)
4) I was treated to a long breakfast of pancakes with berries while tucked up under a blanket on the couch. (Cooking them did give me an insane headache though, so truth be told, I'm not quite sure it was worth it.)
5) I got to eat a few too many servings of chocolate chip scones. When you have a headache, you're allowed to, you see.
And if all these delights weren't enough, Johan and I were invited out yesterday to celebrate a 6-year anniversary, which was nowhere as cheesy as that admittedly sounds! We went for dinner at a place called Frankie's Kitchen, which was such a delightful experience.

Only thing is I forgot to take pictures of the mouthwatering feast.

Because I felt a slight ache. In my head.


mette / ungt blod said...

heads can be so stupid.

Sarah Carlson said...

I know. Cos I'm thinking, if it's a tension headache, I guess that basically means your head is bringing the pain upon itself, which is so self-destructive it is indeed stupid;O)