Tuesday, February 1, 2011

You're Welcome! Consider this post a contribution to the continuous commodification of Native American arts and artifacts!

Hey, how's that for a killer throw?! I've been coveting this kind of design for quite a while now (along with cacti, deserts and anything Navajo!) and would you believe it, it literally dropped into my lap!

Rug via here.
Remember when we had the sewage situation? Well, after that we had to clear out the basement in order for it to be cleaned and disinfected, and what did Johan find down there but his old punching bag which he had once filled with various garments in lieu of, I don't know, sand?
Cardigan via here.

I'm telling you it was a bit of a treasure chest to come across, cause apart from a couple of divine woolen throws, there were also traces and remnants of Johan's past as Dutch/Japanese design fetishist. But I'll keep that story for another post, I think.

Oooo, suspense!
Sandstone Formations, Navajo Desert via Encyclopedia Britannica.

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