Wednesday, March 16, 2011

floss and ignorance

This morning I was standing in the bathroom, mentally preparing a blog post on dental floss, namely on the subject of Jordan dental floss and how its packaging is misleading. See that spool there in the middle? I was thinking to myself that it's kind of deceptive how they made it so thick and the same color as the floss, because evidently I thought it had several more yards of floss in it when suddenly, last night, it ran out.

And then I took a picture of it, and realized, as I was standing there with my camera, what a silly thing that would be to complain about in the light of everything happening in Japan. And how shameful it is that I have so far completely ignored that tragedy on my blog. How I keep ignoring all sorts of tragedy.

Problem is I have no idea what to say. In general I have no clue what to say when it comes to these immense tragedies that, let's face it, happen more often than we'd like to acknowledge, in distant corners of the world, sometimes resulting in nothing more than a couple of paragraphs in yesterday's newspaper.

And yet, at the same time, and in some strange way, it's as if everything beyond sober reporting fails to do such tragedies justice. Because, how can you ever attempt to write words proportionate with the hurt these people are feeling?

I guess that's not necessarily the point, but still.

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