Saturday, March 12, 2011

My 4-year anniversary giveaway: Your very own manwhore!

Yes sirree, it's March 12 2011 and it's now 4 years ago that I posted my very first entry on this blog! Fanfare! Confetti! Fireworks! Balloons!

(Quick aside: I find it very saying that my first entry consisted of a photo of yours truly captioned "me, myself, I", which I posted thinking it would turn out as my profile picture. As far as blogging goes, I seem to lack not a certain je ne sais quoi (because, come on, we can all agree I have that thing, right?), but rather a certain savoir faire. It's taken me aaaaages to catch on to the netiquette of the blogosphere, and hence I've been really slow at making cyber friends. To this day, I remain one of the internets' most underappreciated bloggers. In fact, sometimes I wonder if anyone reads this but Johan, and the only reason I  know he does is because I quiz him every night to make sure that he has.)

Anyways, for days, weeks and months I've been thinking about how to celebrate this red-letter day, and finally decided to do as bloggers do and have a giveaway! And since I just started watching Hung, I feel inspired to give away a manwhore. And not just any manwhore. No sir. I'm giving away my manwhore. Johan. (Here illustrated through uncredited pictures of Fabio, whom, it should be noted, I don't think of as a whore, but rather as a particularly desirable specimen of the male species. I'm sure you do too.)

Just to let you know, Johan has given his full consent, even agreed to pose in the nude for some complimentary photos but quickly withdrew his offer once I reminded him of his ambition to make a career within the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. (But hey, shoot me an email if you want to know what you're getting in to. Pictures will be furnished upon request.)

So dear readers, regardless of your gender, sexual orientation and geographical location, please leave a comment below sometime before Monday evening, upon which a winner will be chosen somewhat at random.

Also, if your libido isn't high or if you simply prefer receiving sexual favors from someone else than my boyfriend, feel free to enter this competition with a note saying what your manwhore can do for you. Cook? Clean? Pick up your kids from daycare? Lie naked on a furry rug in front of the fire place and laugh at your jokes? You name it!

And to the rest of you, thanks for reading. Even though I don't know who most of you are, it means the world to me that you bother to pop by now and then and read what I have to say. And I mean that sincerely:O)


PROVINS said...

Ha ha - "It takes a man to be mister romance!!" - Sagt med verdens hotteste accent! Nice..
Og tak selv for blog.!

Sarah Carlson said...

Hvis ikke der snart kommer nogle flere på banen, så tror jeg satme du har! Og med det citat fortjener du det vist også;O)

dimiseb said...

Happy blogbirthday, nothing to do with manwhore and even less with your boyfrien love favour, (ive got my libido just satisfied with a preciose high school oriental party) Salude.

Sarah Carlson said...

Thank you and thank you for reading! - I'm somewhat relieved you have no use for my would have been so expensive to FedEx him your way and all;O)

mette / ungt blod said...

4 år! wow! Tillykke!
-og en madlavningsmanwhore kan man jo altid bruge! -er jeg for sent til give away??

Sarah Carlson said...

Tak Mette!

Og ja, grundet overvældende tilbagemelding fra mine læsere og et kommentar-system, der brød ned under presset, har jeg valgt at holde min giveaway åben lidt endnu...Bare så alle føler de har fået en reel chance for at være med, du ved;O)

dimiseb said...

sure, well, in case i get to need him ill head on expenses