Monday, March 14, 2011

Sunday Crime Prevention

Yesterday was a really eventful spring Sunday. Johan and I set out for what turned out to be a very long walk through a couple of Copenhagen neighborhoods, and on our way we visited a brunch and lunch place that closed its kitchen at 3 p.m. (sheer madness! I mean, on a Sunday?), and prevented a couple of pick-pockets from robbing innocent old ladies not once, nor sir, but twice.

Yes, you read it right, twice.

The first time I just made an abrupt halt and stared, in a mean and CC TV'ish manner, at a couple of miserable looking drug addicts as they walked in lockstep behind a lady carrying a rucksack on her back, which made them hurry away while turning around now and then to see if I still had my eyes on them. Which I had.

Second time around I caught the same dudes red-handed with the one guy's hand digging into a lady's purse. And you wanna know what I did? I slapped his hand! Yes I did! Or rather, I made a slapping gesture and said: "Will you stop it?!"

I'm telling you my heart was beating fast and I wanted to just twist his arm, force him to the ground,  and keep him there till the police came. But alas, I was too much of a chicken to do so. I mean, guys like that don't have anything to loose, so you never know if they'll suddenly hold you at knife-point of something. Right?

Instead we took, hmm, let's just call it the 'dialogic approach'.

After having scurried off, the two of them, for god knows what reason, turned around and came back towards us and asked: "What's the problem?"

"You're stealing, that's what the problem is", Johan said very manly.
"You're crazy", the one guy said. Shook his head. And then they walked off to rob other people.

Anyway, what a Sunday, huh?! +8 degrees C and all!


Lisa Kjellerød said...

Well done to you on Johan! Fighting crime on the mean streets of Copenhagen!

Sarah Carlson said...

Why thank you! We did feel fairly good about ourselves as we pranced home through town after that;O)