Thursday, May 26, 2011

a British comedian I apparently look like

I've been meaning to post this photo since the other day when I came across it when cleaning up my laptop. Why? Cos it makes me laugh!

And here's why: A while back I was on Skype with Johan of London, and as we were talking, Johan's roomie Sigrid walked by and exclaimed: "Awww, is that Sarah? Say hi!"

Except, we weren't on video call. So it wasn't me that she saw, but some male, dreadlocked, red-head British comedian (with lots of eyeliner on) who was on Never Mind the Buzzcocks, which Johan was streaming as we spoke.

Hmmm, maybe this is too elaborate a story to come across as funny on a blog. But it's kind of funny-sad really, because I guess I think of myself as a decent-looking (not to be confused with good-looking) gal, but judging from the people that people think I look like, I fear I may have to reassess my self image.


Lisa KjellerĂžd said...

I love how you take the piss out of yourself, buy you are waaaaaaaaaay prettier than this fella!

Sarah Carlson said...

Thank you!!! I'm printing this comment and leaving it on the fridge for me to read every morning. As a reminder, you know;O)