Thursday, June 30, 2011

"Sorry I haven't posted"

I recently read an article on the artist Cory Arcangel, from which I learned he has a blog that automatically accumulates posts from other blogs that open with the line: "Sorry I haven't posted..."

I thought it was such a funny idea, because thinking back, there have been several times where I've thought to myself "yikes, haven't posted for days!" - as if you guys had nothing better to do but sit around and read my posts. And if I went about scrutinizing everything I've written over the years, I think I may well come across a few entries that open with the above headline. Heck, odds are that one of my posts might have found itself into Arcangel's blog. Heh.

All this aside, I can't wait to see his show at the Whitney, which is on till some time September. I have a feeling he's the kind of artist that I totally dig and relate to in theory, but when I see his stuff, it won't rock my world that much. When I attempted to discuss him with Marie the other day (as she had seen his stuff at the Barbican last year), she said in her wonderful Franglais: "Oh, Cory Artcangel? I hate!"

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


My mamma just posted this picture on her blog along with the note that researchers have found that people sleep better when they're rocked to sleep. Or rocked as the sleep? I'm not sure. Either way it sounds pleasant.

Anyhow, my mother goes out to sleep in her hammock in the garden sometimes when she wakes up early. Pretty dreamy, huh?

talented friends I call my own

I was in London over the weekend! It was steaming hot, and so I got to breakfast outside, picnic by the Regent's Canal (at least I presume this is what it's called) and sweat heaps everywhere I went.

I flew over on the occasion of Marie's graduation from RCA, and to see the Summer Exhibition at the Royal Academy, where an awesome architecture duo knows at the Archmongers have a piece on display.

Above you see my little Marie flanked by Johan, her friend Flo and her invisible friend Camille, in the midst of explaining her photography, I think.

I'm telling you guys, she so has her own thing going. Her stuff is so different from all the other typical "artsy" photography. She even got a special price, presumably because they can tell she's on to something entirely new. I think I have to do an individual post on the subject one of these days:O)

Monday, June 27, 2011

idyl. and TV.

What a lovely evening I've had. I got home from work to find a toddler in the courtyard, busy eating peas straight out of the pod. One of the neighbors peeked out of her kitchen window to chat a tad with the kid, and I thought to myself: "How idyllic this is."

Then Johan cooked me up a delicious dinner - salmon with a vinagrette-y potato salad with caper berries and peas, straight out of the pod too.

Then we went for a bike ride down to the beach and marveled at how gorgeous the scenery was.

Pssst! Was this narrative a little too healthy and staged for ya? If so, I can comfort you with the fact that we went home afterwards to watch an episode of the Sopranos with people beating each other up for nothing. It made my all anxious and angsty - in fact, every time we've watched an episode I've said to Johan: "I think this is not good for my nerves!". Anyhow, here I am in bed, doing my best to recall how peaceful and great my entire evening was up until the point we started watching TV.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Midsummer's Eve Overload

We were invited to Johan's mother's house last night to celebrate Midsummer's Eve. I can't remember when I last celebrated it, but it was so nice. We dined al fresco in the garden, took a stroll down to the beach to watch the bonfire, and concluded the evening with a walk in Karen Blixen's garden, which is really a dreamy mix of a forest, a park and a country home,  (there's even cattle!). I'm telling you, at one point I plain forgot I was only 30 minutes from the city.
The bonfire on the beach.

Asparagus and serrano ham. Yum.

Baltic prawns - as they're apparently called in English.

Look at those tiles - aren't they killer? Loads of different hues.

The Oresund.

Johan's mother's house....kidding! It's Karen Blixen's house;O)

Nest boxes in Karen Blixen's garden.

Johan and his mother enjoying the view below.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

homemade porchetta

Since leaving New York, Johan and I have many a time daydreamed about taking a stroll down to Porchetta on East 7th St for a sandwich (Johan) and a cup of crispy potatoes and burnt ends (me).

By this weekend, the wait had grown intolerable and so I suggested to Johan that we pull out a pork loin we had lying in the freezer and cook up our own porchetta. And after 24+ hours of defrosting, Johan's meticulous seasoning, and some 5 hours in the oven (all of it administered by the man in the house), we sunk our teeth into the most tender pieces of porchetta this evening.

I'm telling you, it was SO good, and I urge you to cook it up yourself. Johan followed this recipe from The New York Times, adapted from a cook book authored by Sara Jenkins, owner of - incidentally - Porchetta on East 7th!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Feeling angsty?

The Swedes have a great expression for Sunday blues. "Söndagsångest" they call it, which I guess translates to...Sunday angst? In either event, if you, like me, are prone to feeling angsty on Sundays, take a look at this wonderful photo series Aging in America: Dog Edition by Nancy Levine. Truth be told, it may not make you feel less melancholic, but it may make you want to get a dog to to sit and feel melancholic with. Now is that a win? I think so!

Picasso, 17

Gussy Sue, 15

Ginger, 12

Breebee, 21, and Nuny, 19

Suzy, 10

Amy, 18

Jake, 16

Calder (+1)

Speaking of outdoor sculptures, did I ever tell you about the time Johan of London and I were cruising around the Hamptons, and we came across this house that had a huge Richard Serra sheet metal sculpture planted in the front yard? It was absurd, that was how big it was.

Now you wanna google right? Well let me make it easier for you, cos I just looked it up:O) The house (and sculpture) is located in Bridgehampton and belongs to Louise and Leonard Riggio, the latter being the founder of Barnes & Noble and a former chairman of the Dia Art Foundation. You can see pictures of the sculpture here.


Aesthetically speaking, or rather, from a visual point of view, don't you just find "TOILET" to be a very beautiful word? Obviously it has a lot to do with font as well, but still, there are some words that are just so perfectly balanced.

Jon Hamm?

I came across this old Newport ad in a 1970s Look magazine. Isn't it crazy how much dude looks like Jon Hamm/Don Draper

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Ocean Dome by Martin Parr

My friend Anne and I once went to a talk with Martin Parr, and he was just about the cutest and down-to-earth guy ever. Interesting too.

It's funny how that experience informs every photo by Martin Parr that I see. I mean, his photography certainly conveys his quirky persona, but still. Every time I see a piece of his I always picture him in a conference room in a Danish library, in front of his slides, being totally lovable.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Funny, yes? If you're wondering what the deal is, it's Converse who is promoting their site where you can customize your sneakers. Or something along those lines.

Monday, June 13, 2011

#10: Black Square?

They say imitation is the greatest form of flattery, right? In any case, right now, plagiarism imitation is the best I can do. I'm beat. Need to go to bed. And I'd rather post this than an image of myself naked;O)  

#9: A Laptop Bag

Why does this laptop bag have a hypothetical grocery list on it? I don't know. Perhaps it started out as something else - a tote bag, say - and somewhere along the line its creator may have realized she didn't need yet another tote bag. And instead she figured, "hey, I actually need a laptop bag so my man doesn't get my laptop all messed up whenever he borrows it." 

On a side note, you might find it interesting to know, that when it comes to laptops, Johan's attitude is best described as chill.

You need to put your glass of water somewhere? Put it on the laptop!
You need to carry a bunch of stuff up the stairs? Hey, use the laptop as a tray!

I doubt that this bag will change his behavior, but at least I tried. Heavy sigh.

#8: Amish Apron

I made an apron! Which we actually really needed. All of our clothes have grease stains on them from cooking greasy meals, and by the look of them,  they won't go away.

Anyway, I made it out of unbleached cotton of some sort, and as I was sitting there, sewing away, it occurred to me it looked kind of Amish. So I wound up embracing it and writing "Kiss Me, I'm Amish" on it.

By the way, if you're out there, and you're Amish, and reading this blog, I hope you won't take offense. I figured it was just more fun than "Kiss me, I'm Irish".

#6 and #7: Neurotic Picasso and Accompanying Comment

I've been feeling like painting a portrait of Picasso for a good long while, and figured heck, now is the time to get started. Obviously, it's not finished, but I'm actually very happy with the result-in-progress.

Just so you know what I was going for aesthetics-wise, I wanted it to have a naïv-y, Alice Neel-y, Alex Katz-yElizabeth Peyton-y, deadpan look. It definitely needs more work (a little extra cubist distortion, perhaps? To give the man a taste of his own medicine, as Johan put it?), but I got started. That's what counts.

As for the comment about Picasso, it rings true, right? At least to me it does. But then again, I wrote it.

#5: Beach Bag and Force Majeure

Seeing I very rarely invite my pale, red-head, little ol' self to the beach, it makes just about as much sense that I should make myself a beach bag as it does that Snooki gets paid more than Toni Morrison to speak at Rutgers. Yet, such is the crazy world that we live in, and now I'm the semi-proud owner of a beach bag in the color of a syrupy sunset (dyed in turmeric and acrylic paint, no less).

In all honesty, it's only 95 % done, and hence I can't provide you with an image of it hanging from my shoulder. I had a force majeure, you could say. My sewing machine just, I don't know, spaced out, so I will have to finish it whenever it comes back to reality.

Also, if you're wondering "does that color even go with her skin?", I hereby confirm the validity of your suspicion.  

#4: Granny Memorabilia

Today it's exactly one year ago that my granny Toga passed away. My dad, sis and I had dinner this evening and reminisced about all the great times we had with her, and I brought this for my dad:

One of granny's bingo chips, framed alongside one of her signature puns, which goes something along the lines of:
"One doesn't know what two might be up to". 

I made something similar for my sister a while back, and now I have one bingo chip left, which I intend to frame for myself:O)

#3: Liqorice Meringue

In an ideal world, I wouldn't have counted these sugary babies among this weekend's 10 creative projects. But hey, I'm running out of time and ideas, so bear with me. Plus, the packaging is pretty neat, no? And I used scissors. And we all know that scissors = 'something crafty'.

Creative Project #1 & #2: Leggins and skirt

Yup. These are the first two 'creative' things I got around to 'creating' this weekend. I feel meh about the results. Will I ever wear them? Perhaps. With pride? No.