Monday, June 13, 2011

#5: Beach Bag and Force Majeure

Seeing I very rarely invite my pale, red-head, little ol' self to the beach, it makes just about as much sense that I should make myself a beach bag as it does that Snooki gets paid more than Toni Morrison to speak at Rutgers. Yet, such is the crazy world that we live in, and now I'm the semi-proud owner of a beach bag in the color of a syrupy sunset (dyed in turmeric and acrylic paint, no less).

In all honesty, it's only 95 % done, and hence I can't provide you with an image of it hanging from my shoulder. I had a force majeure, you could say. My sewing machine just, I don't know, spaced out, so I will have to finish it whenever it comes back to reality.

Also, if you're wondering "does that color even go with her skin?", I hereby confirm the validity of your suspicion.  

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