Monday, June 13, 2011

#9: A Laptop Bag

Why does this laptop bag have a hypothetical grocery list on it? I don't know. Perhaps it started out as something else - a tote bag, say - and somewhere along the line its creator may have realized she didn't need yet another tote bag. And instead she figured, "hey, I actually need a laptop bag so my man doesn't get my laptop all messed up whenever he borrows it." 

On a side note, you might find it interesting to know, that when it comes to laptops, Johan's attitude is best described as chill.

You need to put your glass of water somewhere? Put it on the laptop!
You need to carry a bunch of stuff up the stairs? Hey, use the laptop as a tray!

I doubt that this bag will change his behavior, but at least I tried. Heavy sigh.

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