Friday, June 3, 2011

Far From Kawaii

When people ask (as they repeatedly do): "Sarah, wanna go to a Japanese drone rock concert?", I'm the kind of up-for-anything gal that goes: "Hell yeah!"

Well...not really. But since both Johan and Mads had spoken highly of the all-girl band Nisennenmondai on more than one occasion, I figured I might as well find out what all the fuss was about. And god, am I happy I did, because they were, without exaggeration, totally awesomesauce*. The little drummer girl seriously blew my brains. I think I got an instant girl crush.

*How did 'awesomesauce' sneak into my vocabulary, I wonder? I haven't even watched one, single episode of Parks & Recreation. Nor do I ever read Perez Hilton's blog. And yet, these days 'awesomesauce' and 'amazeballs' are often at the tip of my tongue, waiting to be hurled out in my speech as well as my writing. Bizarre. I mean, it's not like I hang with a crew that says words like that on an everyday basis.

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