Monday, June 27, 2011

idyl. and TV.

What a lovely evening I've had. I got home from work to find a toddler in the courtyard, busy eating peas straight out of the pod. One of the neighbors peeked out of her kitchen window to chat a tad with the kid, and I thought to myself: "How idyllic this is."

Then Johan cooked me up a delicious dinner - salmon with a vinagrette-y potato salad with caper berries and peas, straight out of the pod too.

Then we went for a bike ride down to the beach and marveled at how gorgeous the scenery was.

Pssst! Was this narrative a little too healthy and staged for ya? If so, I can comfort you with the fact that we went home afterwards to watch an episode of the Sopranos with people beating each other up for nothing. It made my all anxious and angsty - in fact, every time we've watched an episode I've said to Johan: "I think this is not good for my nerves!". Anyhow, here I am in bed, doing my best to recall how peaceful and great my entire evening was up until the point we started watching TV.

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