Thursday, June 30, 2011

"Sorry I haven't posted"

I recently read an article on the artist Cory Arcangel, from which I learned he has a blog that automatically accumulates posts from other blogs that open with the line: "Sorry I haven't posted..."

I thought it was such a funny idea, because thinking back, there have been several times where I've thought to myself "yikes, haven't posted for days!" - as if you guys had nothing better to do but sit around and read my posts. And if I went about scrutinizing everything I've written over the years, I think I may well come across a few entries that open with the above headline. Heck, odds are that one of my posts might have found itself into Arcangel's blog. Heh.

All this aside, I can't wait to see his show at the Whitney, which is on till some time September. I have a feeling he's the kind of artist that I totally dig and relate to in theory, but when I see his stuff, it won't rock my world that much. When I attempted to discuss him with Marie the other day (as she had seen his stuff at the Barbican last year), she said in her wonderful Franglais: "Oh, Cory Artcangel? I hate!"

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