Tuesday, June 28, 2011

talented friends I call my own

I was in London over the weekend! It was steaming hot, and so I got to breakfast outside, picnic by the Regent's Canal (at least I presume this is what it's called) and sweat heaps everywhere I went.

I flew over on the occasion of Marie's graduation from RCA, and to see the Summer Exhibition at the Royal Academy, where an awesome architecture duo knows at the Archmongers have a piece on display.

Above you see my little Marie flanked by Johan, her friend Flo and her invisible friend Camille, in the midst of explaining her photography, I think.

I'm telling you guys, she so has her own thing going. Her stuff is so different from all the other typical "artsy" photography. She even got a special price, presumably because they can tell she's on to something entirely new. I think I have to do an individual post on the subject one of these days:O)

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