Saturday, June 11, 2011

with you as my witnesses

A while back, on May 6 to be exact, I started a blog called "A Daily Regimen" with the intention of pushing myself to do something creative, every day, for 100 days, until I turn 30.

It didn't work out very well. On the very day that the project was intended to begin - precisely 100 days before my birthday - I left for Sweden, and thus didn't have anything with me to create stuff from. Apart from my office laptop. And the most artsy application I had on that was PowerPoint.

Anyway, I tried doing something remotely creative every day (and I kind of got around to appreciating PowerPoint, to tell the truth!), but after day six, I started cheating. I simply made an empty entry on my blog, thinking to myself that I would just do two creative things the day after.

But so the postponing and procrastinating continued. And I gave up. Because the thing was, by the time I got home from work, I always had some extra work that had to be done for someone else, and by the time I was done with that, I didn't feel an ounce of urge to do something creative for me.

So that was that. All I got done was six different collages made in PowerPoint.

But here goes trying: It's a long weekend in Denmark, Monday's a bank holiday. And by Monday night, I will have to have finished 10 creative projects. And by "creative", just so we're clear, I simply mean I have to have 'created' it. Quality is unimportant.

And if I don't? I will have to show myself naked in an unflattering position. Right at the top of my head, that's the most unpleasant thing I can think of.


PROVINS said...

Nu ved jeg selvfølgelig ikke lige hvad du laver til dagligt, men skulle du ikke læse/eller arbejde med noget krea - så kommer det jo helt naturligt!

Sarah Carlson said...

Du har bestemt en pointe! Problemet er vel bare egentlig, at jeg ret beset tilhører 'den kreative klasse', og som sådan arbejder med kreative ting i min hverdag, men at det alligevel ligger langt fra at sidde og nørkle med maling, lim og papir. Hmm...