Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Woman Who Fell Off The H

When Johan and I just started dating, he went on a road trip to L.A. with a friend, and sent me a postcard with a picture of the Hollywood sign on it. I kept the postcard and have been displaying it on my wall ever since, except not so much because that's what lovers do, as because it struck me as truly and utterly bizarre. As you can see, it's so oddly blue. It almost seems as if something went awry in the printing process.

Lately I've been meaning to make some kind of collage inspired by the postcard, and thus got myself some deep blue paper to use as a background. Except, it didn't look right (but then again, that was probably the basis of the postcard's allure in the first place?), and instead I wound up doing something in pastel green.

In any event, I'm titling it "The Woman Who Fell Off The H" with reference to the stage and screen actress Peg Entwistle, who supposedly jumped to her death from the letter H of the sign Hollywoodland, as it read back in 1932. But here's the mystery: The police was informed of the body by an anonymous tipster, who apparently also took it upon herself to turn in a jacket, shoes and a purse at the Hollywood Police Station. And inside the purse lay the suicide note.

And why would anyone do that, I wonder? Don't you leave that stuff for the forensics?

Fishy? I think so. I for one think that someone may have been on the letter H along with her and given her a light push as she was standing there, enjoying the views of the Hollywood Hills.

Maybe a chick fight about a lead in a play?

A casting couch scenario gone astray?

A gamely-turned-lethal debate with her agent about whether or not to change her name? Cos obviously she wasn't going anywhere with 'Peg Entwistle', right?

Anyway, just saying.

As for the copy about airlines, it's from an old PanAm ad. From the 60s maybe, yet, so pertinent, ain't it?

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