Sunday, July 31, 2011

Lake Awosting

Are you about to gag from all the pictures of nature I've posted lately? If so, I promise this is my last batch. These are from our 8 mile hike to and from Lake Awosting (which, in reality, was more of a walk than an actual hike).      

But be that as it may. I put on my best hiking skirt and fiercest face, and off we went in search of the lake, which the locals purported to be crystal clear and entirely free of fish. Now that's my kind of lake! (I realize you see the lake there in the background, but the picture was taken after we had reached our destination and taken a swim. The actual hiking to the lake was much more suspenseful, and at moments I'm sure we all doubted we were even heading in the right direction.
But obviously, we made it there eventually, after making little stops along the way to pee (nothing beats peeing in nature! In fact, I've never seen Johan and Mads so excited as when they decided to climb up a dried-out water fall and pee all over the bedrock).

By the way, see that little zip lock plastic bag Mads is holding in the picture below? It was filled with "goodies for the road", which we got at our B&B before leaving:O)

And then there was nothing to do but kick off your shoes and get in the water, which was just as crystal clear and devoid of fish as promised!

we got ourselves a pitcher

New Paltz, if we got it right, is kind of like a small college town, with loads of kids from New Paltz SUNY. I think maybe only the summer class kids were in town when were were there, but in any case, we decided to do as Romans do, and go to the local college bar and get ourselves a pitcher of beer.

Now, if this is at all what college kids do, I don't actually know;O)

Like L.A. Except without all the lights.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Lake Minnewaska

We arrived at lake Minnewaska at around 7 in the evening, right after a rainfall. We had just parked the car after driving through the woods, and didn't know quite what to expect, and then this view just greeted us right out of nowhere. I'm telling you it was a serene moment. 
Unfortunately you couldn't go for a swim at that time of night, and we didn't have the guts to just go for it with the park rangers in the area.
It was insanely tempting though. Look at how still the water was.
And the fog rising after the rain. Like a movie set, right?
Had I not been with them, I think these lawless boys would have dug right in.

The Pepsi at Gourmet Pizza

two ice creams

I was kind of hoping I'd find a third, but I guess two will do too.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Audrey's Farm House

As I mentioned earlier today, we wound up staying at the cutest bed and breakfast (not far from New Paltz), and what's more, we pretty much found it by pure happenstance (and just a tiny little amount of help from our GPS). And when I say cute, I mean CUTE. As in, we were greeted with friendly hand shakes and a gentleman, whom I presume to be Audrey's husband, who personally took us to our room and said: "Had I known you guys were coming, I would have turned on the lights". Same fella even gave me a grandfatherly peck on the cheek when we left. < Swoon! >
See how cute it is? We shared a room for 3 just above the entrance. It was all fluffy pillows and duvets, let me tell ya.
We woke up in the morning to the sounds and smells of someone cooking in kitchen. "Isn't it exactly like staying at your grandparents' house?" Johan said as we woke up all giddy with excitement. Breakfast wasn't until 9.30, but if you wanted, you could put off your hunger with muffins, which you could sit and eat in the living room. Splendid!
We weren't too hungry, so instead we opted for a morning swim while enjoying the views. Seriously, look at the scenery!

After our swim, we went inside to have breakfast and chat with our fellow visitors. Cos that's what you do at a B&B! We sat at a communal table and all!

Should you feel inclined to go upstate and stay at Audrey's Farm House, let me just inform you that they also have hammocks that you can lie down and relax in. Now, I for one think hammocks are just wonderful.
And you can bring dogs. In fact, it seemed more than just "pet friendly". They had towels for dirty paws at the entrance, so I'm guessing you can bring your dog to your room if you like. It just can't poop on the lawn, that's all. 
And the prize for all thing amazing-ness? $240 including everything for three people. Go book a room now!

Shop Rite, New Paltz

All in two days

Hiya! I've just returned from a tiny little road trip upstate with Johan and Mads. And let me tell you, even though we've only been gone for two days, we've seen and experienced so many exciting things: We've had greasy road side food, but also local specialties like popovers with strawberry butter! We've visited small town America (or perhaps more like wealthy NYC suburbs?), and we've been bowled over by the flora and fauna of the Hudson River Valley and beyond (I'm telling you, we've seen so much wildlife: Geese, deer, birds, squirrels, a neon green larva and a dead toad!). We've stayed at an idyllic bed and breakfast that had a pool and and a breakfast chef (sounds fancy, but it was totally low-key and homey), and to top it all off, we've been hiking up in Minnewaska and taking swims in crystal clear mountain lakes. It's been downright amazing, and I can't wait to show you all my pictures!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Soft Serve Èclair

Image via NYMag
Mads is in town! And last night we went to the ChikaLicious to try out the Éclair Cone.

It's every bit as good as it looks - it's cut in half, and instead of a creamy filling, it has soft serve. Yum yum.

Saturday, July 23, 2011


I'm not very good at using my little space on the internet to comment on real life tragedies. In part, I guess, because that's not what I ever intended to use it for, and so starting to went my opinions and thoughts on current affairs that actually matter, would seem oddly out of context.
Photo by Hakon Mosvold Larsen

And then again, right now I feel I'd be a complete ass if I didn't use my blog to acknowledge the horrors that happened in Norway. It being so close to home and all. Physically and emotionally.

Being in New York right now, I feel strangely disconnected. I feel like watching the Scandinavian news, and not some American coverage of it that glosses over what happened in 30 seconds.

It's interesting how in situations like these, TV-mediated news from your own country, in your own language, can feel so unifying to watch. That watching it makes you feel you're there, somehow. Showing your support and that you're care. 

dad's in town! he treated us to lobster! and a steak dinner!

I'm kidding about the steak. I just remember that line from A League of Their Own where the dad of Doris Murphy (played by Rosie O'Donnel) tells a journalist that after the baseball game, he's taking his daughter out for a steak dinner. As a reward for winning.

I've always wanted to say that to someone. "'Ey pop, let me take you out for a steak dinner".

Anyway, I got sidetracked there. So the lobster we had. And it was yummy. And Johan and I agreed one ought to eat lobster on a weekly basis. At the very least;O)

Giant Pocky+

One of the perks of being back is going to the Japanese store Sunrise Mart on 3rd Avenue and 10th street. Only problem is, I want to buy everything. EVERYTHING. Except the Asian porn magazines. And the squid.


We went on a trip the other day to check out Gowanus in Brooklyn, and were pleased to find very few signs of gentrification, and instead loads of - to us at least - exotic americana.  


Yesterday was insane. It was 104 F/40 C, and all you could do was pretty much lie down and melt. On Monday it will supposedly be in the low 80s/around 27 or 28 degrees C. And I can't wait.

deli flowers

Thursday, July 21, 2011

my gem

I've been busy fixing up the apartment for the past couple of days, and am now ready to put it "on the market". It stings my heart a little to leave it again, but I hope I'll find someone who will take good care of it for me. Heavy sigh...

Anyways, up for a little tour? If you come along, please bear in mind, that I brought most of my stuff home to Copenhagen, so the decorating is admittedly not superb. But cute, I think. And cute, will do for now;O)