Thursday, July 28, 2011

All in two days

Hiya! I've just returned from a tiny little road trip upstate with Johan and Mads. And let me tell you, even though we've only been gone for two days, we've seen and experienced so many exciting things: We've had greasy road side food, but also local specialties like popovers with strawberry butter! We've visited small town America (or perhaps more like wealthy NYC suburbs?), and we've been bowled over by the flora and fauna of the Hudson River Valley and beyond (I'm telling you, we've seen so much wildlife: Geese, deer, birds, squirrels, a neon green larva and a dead toad!). We've stayed at an idyllic bed and breakfast that had a pool and and a breakfast chef (sounds fancy, but it was totally low-key and homey), and to top it all off, we've been hiking up in Minnewaska and taking swims in crystal clear mountain lakes. It's been downright amazing, and I can't wait to show you all my pictures!

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