Thursday, July 28, 2011

Audrey's Farm House

As I mentioned earlier today, we wound up staying at the cutest bed and breakfast (not far from New Paltz), and what's more, we pretty much found it by pure happenstance (and just a tiny little amount of help from our GPS). And when I say cute, I mean CUTE. As in, we were greeted with friendly hand shakes and a gentleman, whom I presume to be Audrey's husband, who personally took us to our room and said: "Had I known you guys were coming, I would have turned on the lights". Same fella even gave me a grandfatherly peck on the cheek when we left. < Swoon! >
See how cute it is? We shared a room for 3 just above the entrance. It was all fluffy pillows and duvets, let me tell ya.
We woke up in the morning to the sounds and smells of someone cooking in kitchen. "Isn't it exactly like staying at your grandparents' house?" Johan said as we woke up all giddy with excitement. Breakfast wasn't until 9.30, but if you wanted, you could put off your hunger with muffins, which you could sit and eat in the living room. Splendid!
We weren't too hungry, so instead we opted for a morning swim while enjoying the views. Seriously, look at the scenery!

After our swim, we went inside to have breakfast and chat with our fellow visitors. Cos that's what you do at a B&B! We sat at a communal table and all!

Should you feel inclined to go upstate and stay at Audrey's Farm House, let me just inform you that they also have hammocks that you can lie down and relax in. Now, I for one think hammocks are just wonderful.
And you can bring dogs. In fact, it seemed more than just "pet friendly". They had towels for dirty paws at the entrance, so I'm guessing you can bring your dog to your room if you like. It just can't poop on the lawn, that's all. 
And the prize for all thing amazing-ness? $240 including everything for three people. Go book a room now!

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