Thursday, July 7, 2011

good will

Hey, how adorable is this. Copenhagen Jazz Festival is on, and on that occasion, the coffee shop across the street arranged for a quartet of musicians to play in the street. Except some a-hole in the neighborhood threatened to call the police because they didn't have a license, and for a moment there, it seemed as if there would be no free jazz in our street for everyone to enjoy.

Except, that's when this building's overall go-to-guy (he's amazing - there's nothing he can't fix!) suggested they come inside and play in the private courtyard of our building.

And so they did. And so they have been, for three days now. The audience get their coffee and pastries in the coffee shop and then just pop across the street to hang out here.

I really hope it's on this weekend, so I can witness it:O)

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