Saturday, July 16, 2011

I'm back. For three weeks at least.

I flew into New York yesterday, and boy is it good to be back! And confusing too, to tell the truth. Everything looks and feels exactly the same, and then again it seems all novel too. I'm perplexed;O)

So far we've been promenading the neighborhood, paying acute attention to all the new spots that have opened, the new bike lanes that align the avenues, and the stores that have been refurbished and look a bit different since last time we were here.

And we've slowly re-adopted some of our old routines: We've had our iced americanos, have stopped by the dog park to ogle at the pups, and had breakfast at a favorite spot. We've also been cleaning the apartment thoroughly, bought flowers at the green market and planted them on the fire escape, and Johan has been to Trader Joe's to stock up on the basics.

Not bad considering we've been here for less than 24 hours!

But want to hear something funny? I kind of miss Copenhagen. Even before leaving I was kind of saddened by the prospect of leaving the apartment, and our street, and our neighborhood, even if it's only for three weeks. How's that for irony?


Livet på Tjuvesta said...

Greetings from the crayfish-eating bunch.
We´re glad that NY is still there for you to explore. But arn´t the blueberrys a little expensive? 4 dollars?

Sarah Carlson said...

Ja, det er måske lidt dyrt, faktisk?

Oh nej hvor ser de krebs gode ud! Jeg fik sådan lyst til skaldyr kl 22 i går aftes, men selv i byen, der aldrig sover kan det være lidt svært at opdrive;O)

lyne said...

welcome back!
are you up for some drinks soon?

Sarah Carlson said...

Absolutely Lyne! We're easy, so whenever your busy work schedules permit:O)