Sunday, July 31, 2011

Lake Awosting

Are you about to gag from all the pictures of nature I've posted lately? If so, I promise this is my last batch. These are from our 8 mile hike to and from Lake Awosting (which, in reality, was more of a walk than an actual hike).      

But be that as it may. I put on my best hiking skirt and fiercest face, and off we went in search of the lake, which the locals purported to be crystal clear and entirely free of fish. Now that's my kind of lake! (I realize you see the lake there in the background, but the picture was taken after we had reached our destination and taken a swim. The actual hiking to the lake was much more suspenseful, and at moments I'm sure we all doubted we were even heading in the right direction.
But obviously, we made it there eventually, after making little stops along the way to pee (nothing beats peeing in nature! In fact, I've never seen Johan and Mads so excited as when they decided to climb up a dried-out water fall and pee all over the bedrock).

By the way, see that little zip lock plastic bag Mads is holding in the picture below? It was filled with "goodies for the road", which we got at our B&B before leaving:O)

And then there was nothing to do but kick off your shoes and get in the water, which was just as crystal clear and devoid of fish as promised!

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