Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Design Perspectives. Continued.

Here are another three pictures I uploaded to Design Perspectives. From the top, a photo of a photo of a door handle, which I've waxed poetic about before. Squid from a Japanese supermarket in NY - aren't the suction cups insane when you think of it? The collar of Johan of London's shirt - I have this photo hanging above my bed in NY.

Feel like sharing your perspectives on design? Then join the party over here.

pork inspectors

I love this picture. It's Johan and Johan inspecting the very traditional yet very yummy yet extremely fat crispy fried pork, which we had on Sunday. It's basically like really massive slices of streaky bacon, except not as salty and not cured or smoked.

Johan (of London) comes from a very health-conscious family, so it was the first time he tried it. Bless.


I've had an insane past couple of days this week, pulling 16-hour days at work. Sixteen. No wait, maybe seventeen? It's been fun, but jesus was I beat when I got home last night. I was kind of just sitting on the couch, drooling.

No kidding. In all honesty, the thing I've missed most these past couple of days has been returning home for a good meal. So that's what we cooked up yesterday. A really good meal.

We made sushi.
And fried scallops with this dipping sauce.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Design Perspectives

I'm very proud to have been invited to be a part of Design Perspectives hosted by Nokia on the occasion of Copenhagen Design Week, which takes places in our little capital September 1-6. And actually, I think you should join too!

Here's a run-down of the event: Go to Design Perspectives, press upload and add photos you've taken with whatever device you're prone to take pictures with. Don't let the overall theme of the exhibition inhibit you, because once you look closer at any of the gazillion photos you've taken from the onset of the digital age, I'm sure you'll be able to apply a design perspective to it. Heck, design is everywhere! In a hemline, in a coffee cup, in your unmade bed. I bet you have tons of things around your house that you appreciate for their aesthetic properties or lack there of, some things because they function really well or because they work like shite! My point being: You probably have a loads of perspectives on design with or without knowing it, so please come share:O)

And I say share them this week, because if you do, you'll have the opportunity to see your photos along with everyone else's at an exhibition at Kvæsthusmolen - the main exhibition area of Copenhagen Design Week.

So, would you like to see some of my design perspectives? Unless you avert your eyes, you'll goddam have to;O)

Go here to see more. And join. Please join!

local explorers part two

Yesterday's local explorer theme was mostly "ugly Copenhagen" - with a few exceptions. For example, the second photo from the top is from the interior of the Jean Nouvel-designed Danish Radio Concert Hall, which was, if not awesomely pretty, then at least more than decent.

The nasty things on our agenda included Bella Sky, a new conference hotel on the outskirts of Copenhagen and a huge mall, that I found so disdainful to mankind I didn't even feel like taking photos of the whole ordeal. The photo on the very top is of the famed and architecturally applauded VM Bjerget (The VM Mountain), which, in my view, was perfectly in tune with the theme of the day.

local explorers

Johan and I have been out and about on a bunch of adventure walks this summer, most of them around parts of Copenhagen I've never sat foot in before. Not because they're not nice, but simply because they're either all new or because they're these semi-deserted areas where you kind of have no reason to go. 

One of the places we've been going for adventure walks in is the new Copenhagen University campus really close to our house, which has been completely devoid of people all summer, as well as the old university campus, which they're slowly but surely tearing down. You'd be surprised to see how much of it's perfectly accessible to the public and perfect for exploring.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

whipped cream with whipped cream on top

I felt pretty swept away by this gorgeous photo of Vitra furniture when I saw it on MOOD the other day
It's byphotograher Tobias Madörin, whose site I can only encourage you to check out. His photos are kind of lush and overwhelming and plain fun to look at, I think. And not unlike Andreas Gursky's.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

dibs on the fruit plate!

I got up a 6 this morning to find some piece and quiet to finish some work. Now it's 7.45 a.m., grey outside and rain is luring on the horizon. And mostly, I feel like getting back into bed.

Since that's not an option, I figured I might as well daydream myself off to a lavish breakfast at the Bowery Hotel. Tag along if you please, if you're not off to more exciting things.


I don't know if you can tell from the photo or not, but take my word for it, the trees in my hood are so overgrown with apples, the branches are about to snap!

plum scrump

afternoon trip

The pretty little seaport that I went to with Johan and Johan is called Dragør. We were dead-set on a lunch of traditional Danish fish cakes, but apparently we weren't the only ones who had got that idea, so by the time we got there, the fish cakes has sold out. Instead we wound up eating breaded fillet of fish - also a Danish classic - followed by a pack JuicyFruits that looked so pretty against the checkered tablecloth, I simply had to document it with a photo even though it wrecks the ambiance of my little photo series;O) 

Monday, August 22, 2011

spicy potato and courgette soup with crispy vegetable fritters

Johan got me a Korean cookbook for my birthday, and yesterday we tried out these two dishes. The fritters were without a doubt the best part of the dinner. But then again a broth based soup can never beat anything deep fried can it?


I've completely forgot to tell you that Johan is in town from London, which feels nothing less than perfect!

As you can see, we found his doppelgänger outside the fishmonger's in a tiny seaport just outside Copenhagen. 

Sunday, August 21, 2011

I've been cooking heaps this weekend!

cherry plum squash

I went for a run the other night and discovered we basically have something reminiscent of a public orchard in our very backyard. The morning after, I read this article in The New York Times about people foraging for fruit and instantly felt inspired to go out and harvest some cherry plums. I mean, they're just in season, and look at the bounty below! There's enough for everyone willing to pick!

And so, with the help of Johan, I went out to collect a basket full of cherry plums, which I cooked into three bottles of squash that just turns the most gorgeous shade of fluorescent pink when you dilute it with water:O)

brand new bike!

It was my birthday recently, and I'm telling you, I got the best of presents: A brand new bike - just what I wanted! It was a collective gift from my parents, grandparents, my sis and my mother's husband:O) And see the basket there? It's a fancy-ass one that Johan got me, which you can lock on and off the handlebar with a key and all. So snazzy!

improvised Korean

Well what is is supposed to resemble, you may wonder? I'm not sure, to tell the truth. But with pickled radishes and red pepper sauce, it actually tasted kind of Korean. 

Thursday, August 18, 2011

pizza night

I don't mean to be an ass or anything, but can you believe how thin the crust of my pizza is?!! I was trying to take a neat picture of it, except holding a slice mid-air with one hand, and adjusting the focus of your camera with the other is darn trick-y.

last night

Just before turning off the last lights and going to bed last night, I took a whole bunch of pictures of these two bouquets on our dining table. Can you believe how beautiful yet creepy they look? Gorgeous!