Wednesday, August 3, 2011

a day of fun with the kids!

Matteo works on one of the top floors of the AT&T Building, and the other day we were invited down for a visit to enjoy the views. Which is cool, I mean, because how often do you get to check out the views of Downtown and Lower Manhattan? Not very often, I tell you.
We even got to go inside the studio, where I got to sit in the anchor's chair and put on my anchor´s face. (This was before makeup and when I had my hair done - we were just checking the lights to make sure I'd look creepy enough)
And then Johan got to play around with the $100.000 camera equipment. Matteo is so easy and laid back about those things.


Matteo said...

...on air in 5 minutes!

Sarah Carlson said...

Can someone fix my hair and get me an affogato, please?!