Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Salmon Carpaccio. With a side. And it's all about the side.

"Why did you never cook this before?" Johan asked when I served this up this evening.
"But I have", I replied. "This is my specialty."
"No, you haven't", he said again.
"So maybe I didn't," I said back. "But it's still my specialty. So there."

And it really is! My family will testify to the fact that I've been cooking this dish for more than 10 years. Heck, maybe 15. There was this restaurant in the South of France, which we used to frequent every year, you see. It was named Carpaccio, and aptly, their specialty was carpaccio - raw beef based, bresaola based and raw fish based - which always came with a mushroom, herb and parmesan salad.

And here's how I've re-made it over the years:

Chop up some herbs. I'm tempted to say you can use any, but here's what I used: Chives, parsley and basil.

Fry some mushrooms on a pan. If they're super duper fresh, you needn't even fry them. I got portobellos and found them a bit chewy, so I decided to dry them out on a frying pan. When they've cooled a bit, add them to the herbs.
Feel free to add heaps of grated parmesan too. Personally, I think the more cheese, the better.

Add olive oil, lemon juice and garlic, and season with salt and pepper. 
 Mix it all up.
And serve with thins slivers of your protein of choice, preferably drenched in extra lemon juice.

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